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Hello, my name is Mark Davy

Owner and operator of New Look Outdoor Living based in Bream Bay. I specialise in delivering my clients quality structures to go over their outdoor living spaces.


Having been born and bred in Onerahi and part of a keen diving family, my earliest memories are of being at the beach and enjoying kai moana at every opportunity. After many years away from Northland in 2006 I returned to this amazing place we live in, and settled in Waipu in 2009.


My history involved building and renovation work then eventually I gravitated to erecting roofing over decks for different brands, only to see the shortcomings these structures had in the marine environment we enjoy.

I realised there was a need for a locally designed and produced structures that would stand the test of time, resist the salty atmosphere and be robust enough to handle the “ one in a hundred year storms” we seem to get every second weekend these days. So with an aircraft engineering background and an appreciation of the corrosion resistance of aluminium, plus its strength, I have put together and refined framework which can support the versatile polycarbonate and acrylic glazing systems I now offer.


The different panels I offer allow you to sit under a roof on your deck and enjoy being in the outdoors without getting fried. 99% UV resistance, heat reducing and still keeping a high level of light so the adjoining rooms of your house are still flooded with light, add marine grade powdercoating, 6mm structural aluminium rivets to tie it all together and you have the best I can offer.


All local structures have been wind tunnel tested up to 150 kms per hour recently and I am proud to say they all passed the test. So take advantage of my product to enhance your living space and get me to design the best solution at your place.


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